How to Drive Targeted Traffic to Your WordPress Website Using Blog Commenting

Each and every wordpress website requires targeted visitors. In this article we are going to examine a tested traffic creation strategy, and best of all it is completely free. What am I talking about? Blog commenting to generate traffic.

What is Blog Commenting? Check out any blog and look towards the bottom of the post. This is where you’ll find the key to this technique.Take a look at the comments that people post below the main, original blog post. Click on the author’s name and you are taken to the commentators site. This is exactly why many of us post comments on blogs – to get a person to pay a visit to their website and ‘borrow’ some of the traffic that the post is getting.

So how do you actually go about using blog commenting to drive traffic?

Let me tell you now that many people get it VERY wrong. Here’s how to do it, step by step:

Start by finding the popular blogs in your niche. You probably already know what these are. If at all possible you want blogs that receive a large amount of traffic and which are ‘active.’ These exist in almost any niche.

Find posts on the blogs that you can make an intelligent response to and then add to the discussion. This is the most essential thing – using blog commenting to drive traffic is a great method to use, yet many people use it in the wrong way by simply posting one line comments such as ‘great post.’ This a.) doesn’t do you credibility any favor (and therefore people are unlikely to take a look at your website) and b.) it’s blatant spam.

By using blog commenting to engage in the original post, you’ll come across as an interesting person, and most importantly as someone who has a valued opinion on the topic. This makes people perceive you as an expert.

Join in the discussions. Question the original post, or add some extra information, and then enjoy the traffic that blog commenting can bring.

Other tips? Look for the popular topics and then add to them. Another good strategy is to look for new posts and be the first person to comment. You can get traffic for years to come from this method, and it’s so easy to do. Start finding blogs and begin commenting on them now! Soon you will be enjoying valuable, targeted traffic to your wordpress website.